Feng Shui Consultation Energies To Read Your Destiny Yourself

When you examine Feng Shui design So as to apply it to your living area, chi will be a term you visit frequently. Chi is speaking to universal energy. Basically, this means the ancient Chinese believed that everything about you – the trees, buildings, and soil – has energy of its own. There are two sides to Feng Shui Chi, exactly like yin and yang, meaning that there is a good and bad Chi. Chi also exists in a variety of shapes based on nature’s elements – fire, wood, earth, metal and water. To take it a bit farther, Chi can be broken down more than simply into the five elements of nature to the components corresponding Feng Shui colours. Feng Shui House has several Targets But the most important one involves Chi, and learning how to direct it in the region in which you work and live.

You want good Chi on your living and work area as it keeps the energy flow positive and feeds your soul too. The positive Chi that enlivens your surroundings is named Sheng Chi. There is negative where there is positive also. This negative energy is named Si Chi and it is also known as Sha Chi which means gloomy, attacking low. The word Sheng really refers to Energy using a rising movement. It follows that Sheng Chi is lively and uplifting energy. This positive life force is great for your whole wellbeing. There are many forms of Sheng Chi, most derived from character or clean and easy indoor environment. Bear in mind, Chi is that energy in everything. Well, nothing has stronger energy than elements of nature that flourish like the beach.

When you have bad, you will have good too. Si Chi is energy that is festering and depressing. It can make you feel stifled, almost as if you are going through a slow death. If you spent much time in this environment, you would begin becoming ill. Sha Chi refers more to the Architectural components or decorative components in or outside of your house that is of violent nature. Outside structures which have corners or sharp points pointing to the space for work or living are Sha Chi. The whole purpose of Knowing the good and bad Chi is so you can use the methods of feng shui consultation decorating to fight energy that is harmful and negative and turn it into a clean-up, well-balanced positive energy. Many Feng Shui consultants, who Have studied Feng Sui convention for many years, are your Feng Shui guides to Help you balance the Sheng Chi and the Sha Chi and reach a suspicious Feng Shui House